Hi there! I'm a lover of all things rose gold, a Starbucks drinker, and a huge geek. My clothing of choice is something blush, my TARDIS hoodie, or my Hufflepuff sweatpants. I'm living a whole foods lifestyle with my two beautiful girls, and married to the world's best husband and pastor. The four of us and our Balinese cat, Han Solo, live in Trenton FL. 

I’ve been in the wedding industry for years, and while I photograph all kinds of sessions, weddings are my favorite. They’re my first love, and there’s nothing I enjoy more than capturing wedding stories.

My other half and love of my life. He’s my childhood best friend and the biggest supporter I have. Josh enjoys theology, cinema, and the beach. His favorite movie is Indiana Jones and he’s the pastor of our local church. He’s my inspiration for capturing love stories.


Anna Snow is our eldest daughter, born in 2010. She made us parents and showed us what love really was. One of the kindest souls I’ve ever seen, Snow never hesitates to helps those around her. She enjoys school, her friends, and volleyball. Her favorite color is teal.


Abigail Raine is our bundle of energy. She was born in 2013, surviving some complications during the pregnancy. She is incredibly empathic to those around her, and always wants others to be happy. She enjoys video games, chocolate, and gymnastics. Her favorite color is pink.


Han is our Balinese cat that we welcomed into our family December 2021. Most of the family is allergic to animals, so we’ve never had a pet until now. Han is hypoallergenic and full of energy. He loves playing hide and seek, popping out and grabbing your leg as you walk by.

han solo

my family

I married my childhood best friend in 2009. At the time I was in school for Graphic Design. I took my first photography class in that program, and little did I know at the time, that I had opened a door to my true passion.

I quickly figured out that Graphic Design was something I was good at, but not something I enjoyed. I did not like working with corporate companies and designing logos. So I went back to traditional media, painting with watercolors. I’m a huge geek, so I sold my artwork at comic book conventions. This is me holding my original watercolor TARDIS signed by David Tennant.

During my second pregnancy I got into calligraphy. When I began incorporating it with my watercolor, I discovered a whole new world that I absolutely loved. I designed and printed bespoke wedding stationery for couples all over. This is when I picked up a camera again, to do product photography. I realized that I was enjoying the photography aspect more than the designing.

When I first started photography, I was terrified to do weddings. I was obviously very familiar with the wedding industry, but photographing someone’s special day scared me to death. I will never forget my first experience second shooting. I fell in love capturing someone’s love story. 
Fast forward to today. I am happier shooting weddings than I’ve ever been. I truly found my professional calling, and I love it.

a little background

I’ve been doing art all my life, but photography is the first form where I truly feel like I can be me and express myself, from start to finish.
I’ve spent years trying to find my true passion, and I finally found it in capturing love stories. Photographing weddings by capturing timeless memories and romantic details truly makes me happy. But before that? It’s an interesting background.

some fun facts about me

  some fun
facts about me

personality type:

ISTJ - The Inspector. I’m incredibly organized and detail oriented.

cannot live without:

My morning coffee. Seriously, don’t talk to me before I’ve had that first sip.

guilty pleasure:

I’m a huge geek and love most things nerdy. Gotta catch ‘em all.


Vegetables, messiness, being wet, and selfish people.

average sunday morning:

When I’m not shooting weddings, I’m at church. Being a pastor’s wife means I’m there supporting him. My ministry is backstage with the media crew, helping everything run smoothly.

my favorites

favorite tv show:

Doctor Who, with some awesome runner ups like The Office, Parks & Rec, & Friends.

favorite color:

I love pink! Particularly rose gold. It’s my favorite color now, but I hated it when I was a kid.

favorite place:

Cocoa Beach, FL. Me and Josh visited Cocoa Beach several years ago and fell in love. It's our retirement plan.

favorite way to relax:

I like to zone out by reading or playing video games. (nerd alert!)

favorite wedding moment:

The vows. I tear up nearly every time watching two people so in love promise themselves to one another.

behind the scenes