Dishon & Ashley’s Luxury Beachside Wedding at The West Events

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  1. Sylvia Selph says:

    One of the most beautiful Weddings I have ever seen! Ashley made a beautiful bride! I have known her since age 10 and she was always beautiful. Her little one is a mini Ashley and just as beautiful 🥰

  2. I Love looking at Dishon n Ashleys wedding pictures😍🥰it brings me an atmosphere of Love! the Glow n Joy in everyones faces especially Dishon theres no words for But in Ashleys face theres more than just a Glow n Joy! its her fairytale dream come true! im extremely soo over joyed for her n hope theres no End to this story♥️🙏♥️🙏

  3. Sylvia Selph says:

    Ashley your pictures are some of the most beautiful and unique wedding pictures I have ever seen. Your photographer seemed to have captured a little bit of everything that happened that special day. You will be able to look at these and share with family and friends for years to come Definitely something to cherish forever ❤️

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